No green future for capitalism00:00

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This friday the 21st of May there is again a demonstration about the current climate crisis. It is organized by the Klimastreik together with with all sort of left-wing groups and it will be an attempt to make a demonstration of force which stresses not only the urgency of the fight for the climate but also the need to join forces with other struggles and to contextualize it in a broader anti-capitalist movement.

It is by now clear to everybody – including for most of the people from the Klimastreik – that one cannot wait for any kind of illuminated action from the state or for changes on private consumption habits. It was the capitalist mode of production and its destructive logic which provoked the climate crisis. Logically, that crisis can only be overcome with the abolition of capitalism. In spite of all the hype coming from reformist pseudo solutions and from technical fixes, the logic of industrial capitalist production and its structures continue in place. The consequence is the continuation of the general destruction of nature. The continued valorization of capital is incompatible with life – the green façade increasingly adopted by states and private companies are nothing else than marketing strategies which produce no real results. The truth is that there will be no climate solution under capitalism.

It is time to abandon once and for all possible illusions about reforming this system and take the fight to the streets. The struggle against the climate crisis is the struggle against capitalism.